Our highly anticipated new serum... Ozone Gold! Now ready to ship! 


Activated oxygen (ozone / O3) is the key ingredient in this unique facial serum. Ozone Gold increases cellular turnover rate, clears acne, calms redness and promotes vibrant skin. We combined ozone infused organic hemp seed oil blended with targeted botanical oils and essential oils for radiant, glowing skin. 

Organic Hemp Seed Oil has a 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. When infused with ozone it creates a oxygen-rich exlir that can help reduce acne, eczema and psoriasis symptoms.  


Ozone has a characteristic odor that is like the smell after a rain storm, similar to the discharge of lightning that produces ozone. You will notice this unique aroma and either fall in love with it or learn to love it because of the amazing benefits.

Some of our testers who were sensitive to it at first found that after using the product for five to seven days that they became accustomed to the unique scent. 


​​​​​Comes in a 1 oz recycleable lightproof ultraviolet glass bottle glass bottle with a dropper top.


This serum has a medium shelf life. If you do not plan to use the product within six months, refrigeration is suggested. 


Excellent for All Skin Types • Cruelty-free • Produced in small batches


Ozone Gold - Activated Oxygen Serum

  • Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil* with activated oxygen (ozone), Marula Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Black Cumin CO2*, Rosemary Antioxidant*, pure essential oils of Helichrysum* & Frankincense**          

    *=organic ^=wildcrafted 

  •  Apply 3-5 drops onto palms and massage on face and neck as needed. Can be used alone or layered under your moisturizer.