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I am so proud to reveal two new perfume oils, Tenderhearted and Smokey Eyes. These fragrances are crafted lovingly and hand-blended with the utmost care and attention to detail using only the finest, all-natural ingredients that are free from synthetic chemicals. My goal is to create scents that are both beautiful and uplifting, while also being safe for your body. 


This sensual and alluring scent was designed to help you tap into your deepest desires and unleash your inner beauty. Smokey Eyes is a blend of Vetiver, Rose Otto, Amber, and Vanilla Absolute that encourages sensuality, balance, protection, and grounding. Wear it when you want to feel confident and powerful, and let the aroma help you to unleash your wildest dreams.


Comes in an 10ml ultra-violet stainless steel roller bottle. Now available in a 1ml roller ball sample size. 


The vanilla pods for this absolute are organically grown in the SAVA region (Sambava, Andapa, Vohémar, Antalaha), also known as the ‘green triangle’ of Madagascar – it is the geographic origin for over two thirds of the world’s production. Fair Trade certified, with sustainability and ecological values upheld, these farmers are guaranteed fair pricing plus good health and safety standards for their families and communities.

Smokey Eyes Perfume Oil

  • Jojoba oil*, pure essential oil blend of Vetiver*, Rose Otto*, Fossilized Amber & Vanilla Absolute*.

    *= organic

  • Apply to the neck, chest, and wrists for inhalation, or on the heart for an extra dose of love. For an added dimension, apply on and above the heart. As you apply, take a moment for yourself to slowly inhale the beautiful aroma.

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