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We are committed to only using sustainably harvested plants in our formulas. We work with plants that are abundant, ethically harvested and organically cultivated. We commit to using reusable, recyclable containers and to minimize unnecessary packaging. Your order will be mindfully packaged using eco-friendly materials, which may contain plastic bubble wrap that is reused from our incoming shipments, however we do not purchase any new plastic for our packaging. 


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Hello, I am Kami, a world renowned dancer living in a little coast side town called Montara in Northern California. After years of non-stop touring, my body was depleted, unbalanced and stopped me in my tracks. Although I have struggled with very sensitive skin my entire life, ten years ago I began to break out in extreme rashes covering my entire face and body.The lifestyle of a touring dancer had taken it’s toll.  

This lead me to years of researching what was causing these outbreaks and how to stop them. I changed to a healthier diet, I took up the practice of meditation, I learned how to take time off and allow my body to recover. My breakouts become less severe, yet I was still having breakouts every couple of weeks. 

​During this time I switched to using skin care products that were marketed as “all natural”. Yet, I learned that most of these products still contained harmful ingredients. I put so much effort into what I was putting into my body and mind that I hadn’t considered the ingredients I was putting on my skin. 

​Much like my dancing has changed over the years to a more holistic approach of movement, my skin care routine began to take on a holistic approach focused on organic alternatives to chemical-filled products.


My life as an artist taught me that if you don’t see what you want in the world, you have to make it. I began to create simple formulas for myself and I could immediately tell I was on the right path. My rashes were no longer and issue and my sensitive skin was happier than ever. I actually started to get complemented on how great my skin looked!


I began to gift some of my creations to friends and family who suggested I began a skin care business, but my full time dance schedule made it impossible. 


Then came 2020…

Due to the pandemic, all of my planned workshops and intensives were cancelled. I took a great deal of time to sit and reflect on what path I wanted to take and what I wanted to contribute to the world. This was the first time I was forced to remain at home and it allowed me to further study herbalism and the healing powers of botanicals.


I created Rogue Star Beauty to share my love of nourishing botanical potions with the intention to promote empowerment through self-care. I appreciate your support and wish you a happy and healthy future. 

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