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Refills create less waste and save you money

We offer aluminum refills pouches in our efforts to be as sustainable and low-waste as possible. Providing simple yet potent, nutrient dense, botanical skincare that’s good for you and the environment is our #1 goal.

Why refill pouches? 

🌱Refilling with mylar pouches reduces plastic waste. Our refill pouches contain 90% less plastic than the tops of our glass containers.

🌱Our lightweight pouches reduce shipping emissions and require less protective padding and filler.

🌱Recycling is good, but problematic. Most glass containers are made overseas and then shipped back overseas to be recycled. The saying goes “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”… recycle is last. We are aiming to reduce CO2 emissions because the climate crisis is our number 1 concern.

Our pouches can be recycled through TerraCycle. You can either drop them off if there is a TerraCycle dropoff point near you (check here), or you can ship them back to us and we'll send them to TerraCycle. If you send us your pouches, please send several at a time for efficiency, clean them thoroughly so they don't leak, avoid plastic tape, and use an envelope instead of a box.

AND you save money!!! Our refills are 10% off (or 15% off with a subscription) and shipping prices are cheaper, especially for our international friends.
For example: Our Essentials Set shipping to Canada will be $11 cheaper 🇨🇦


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How to clean your empty containers

Please take the time to clean your empty containers before refilling them, especially for products that contain water, like Floral Waters. 

Although these products have been safely preserved, it's best to start with a clean container.

The most important thing is to be sure that your containers and tops are completely dry before reusing them. 

How to clean your bottles

Run them through your dishwasher (if you have a sanitize option this is best!), or boil them for 5 minutes in distilled water. Be mindful to not drop glass containers into a pot of boiling water as the sudden temperature change could break them. Place your bottles into the pot with the water and let them heat up together.

How to clean droppers

Gently pull on the bottom half of the glass dropper until it pops out of the bulb. Then, take all 3 parts and wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and be sure they are completely dry before using. 

How to clean pumps

Pumps and droppers that have only been used for oils will not  need to be cleaned regularly because bacteria, mold and yeast can't grow in oil. However you may choose to clean them especially if they have been used a few times or don't seem to be functioning properly.

Place the tube of the pump into warm soapy water and pump a few times until it pumps easily. Then, repeat with clean water. Allow them to dry completely on a clean surface. 

You can also put rubbing alcohol or vodka through your pumps to ensure no moisture is left behind.

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