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Our newest hydrosol is here! We combined two powerful skin supporting plants that have been revered for centuries: Rose and Immortelle. Imagine the scent of fresh roses - sweet, distinctive floral, with a soft citrus highlight with an undertone of warm, honey and tea-like, earthy undertones.


🌱 Plant Allies:
Organic Rose Hydrosol • Humanity has been deeply entwined with the rose for millennia, and cultivation is thought to have begun over 5,000 years ago. Roses have long been symbolic of love, nobility, and sacrality. Our luxurious rose hydrosol is Hydrodistilled in a alembic copper still in our lab from organic red roses grown in Northern Calfironia. Rose hydrosol is great for all skin types and is especially favored as a toner by those with sensitive or mature skin.

Immortelle • Otherwise known as Helichrysum, Immortelle is produced from the flowers of the Helichrysum stoechas plant. Rich in flavonoids and acetephenones, which play a major antioxidant role, Immortelle is prized for it's protection of skin against oxidative stress.


Comes in a 2oz recycleable glass bottle with a spray top.


Excellent for All Skin Types

100% organic • Alcohol Free • Tested on human skin • Produced in small batches

Rose and Immortelle Hydrating Mist

  • Mist your face freely after you cleanse or at anytime. 


  • Undiluated Rose hydrosol*, Helichrysum Stoechas Extract, Vegetable Glycerin* (palm-free), & Leucidal (radish root extract; natural preservative).



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