Limited Edition Set of hydrosols perfect for summer. Set contains 4 1oz glass bottles of Rose, Lavender, Chamomile and Yarrow hydrosols, all harvested and distilled on the Northern California Coast.


Hydrosols are the aromatic remains following a plant’s steam distillation process. They consist entirely of cellular botanical water, which includes unique water-soluble compounds that provide each hydrosol with distinct characteristics and benefits. Use these gentle, delicately scented waters directly on the skin for individuals of all ages. For a cooling mist, store in the refrigerator.


Chamomile Hydrosol is calming and soothing and our go to for sensitive, reactive or inflammed skin. Chamomile is balancing to the skin’s microbiome and is an ally for acne, breakouts and congested skin. This hydrosol is also an ideal choice for baby care. Mist on baby’s bedding to promote calmness or use on a baby’s bottom to soothe occasional irritation in the diaper area.


Lavender Hydrosol is a refreshing yet relaxing distillate that can be used neat to freshen air and linens (spritzing sheets or when ironing). Lavender is known to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and analgesic properties, making it especially beneficial to use on cuts, scrapes, burns, and other similar types of wounds. It also acts as a humectant and also helps to balance the skin. 


Yarrow Hydrosol is well-loved for supporting the body’s natural repair processes. Yarrow hydrosol has a herbal and a slightly medicinal aroma. Yarrow hydrosol's overall effect is to cool, comfort, and restore an upset system. Yarrow hydrosol is a cleansing and astringent hydrosol and many consider it to be the first choice of hydrosols for relieving the itching and irritation of eczema and psoriasis. Yarrow can also help quiet emotional and mental distress.


Rose Hydrosol has an intoxicating aroma of fresh blooms. Rose has been known to be a fantastic toner for all skin types for many generations. It not only can uplift your senses + mood but also has so many skin benefits. Rose hydrosol is great for ALL skin types and is especially beneficial as a toner by those with sensitive, dry and/or oily or mature skin. It controls and balances sebum production, helps tighten pores, and has antibacterial properties to help fight acne. 



Summer Hydrosol Set

  • Undiluted Yarrow^ Hydrosol, Undiluted Chamomile* Hydrosol, Undiluted Lavender* Hydrosol, Undiluted Rose* Hydrosol and Radish Root Extract (natural preservative).


    *= organic

  • Hydrosols can be sprayed throughout the day on the face, to uplift your mood, to freshen a room, etc. You can also mix them with a clay face mask instead of water to receive so many more plant benefits for the skin!