We are happy to now carry our favorite reusable Hemp Facial Rounds!


Included: 20x Hemp Facial Rounds (70% Hemp, 30% Cotton) and 1x 100% Organic Cotton Washable Mesh Bag


Uses: Makeup removal, applying toner, facial cleansing, nail polish removal, and so much more!


Washing Care: We recommend to wash on cold in the provided cotton mesh wash bag and then allow them to air dry!


Dimensions: Round: 3.15 inches in diameter Wash Bag: Length: 7 in Height: 1.5 in


Environmental Impact: One-time-use disposable cotton rounds have a blend of Rayon in them, which is a type of plastic. These will never fully break down. Cotton itself is also extremely water intensive to use for one-time-use products. These rounds are reusable hundreds, if not, thousands of times! This saves more waste ending up in our landfills. Completely compostable.

Made in China

Hemp Facial Rounds