The Gua Sha Collection has everything you need to start your facial gua sha journey. This set makes a wonderful gift and includes the Floral Waters, Glow Oil, and a gorgeous clear quartz crystal gua sha tool. 

These three products work synergistically to create a perfect canvas for the skin-changing benefits of facial gua sha. Whole-plant botanicals in the Floral Waters and Glow Oil deliver hydrating and smoothing effects while the quartz Gua Sha tool sculpts facial contours by undoing old expression patterns, moving lymph, and encouraging myofascial release.

Gua Sha Starter Set

  • Our favorite way to Gua Sha is to spritz it clean skin with Floral Waters, and smooth on a generous amount of Glow Oil for an easy glide. 

    Begin with the base of the neck and glide upward in long, slow swipes until the whole neck is scraped. Then move to the jaw, the cheeks, the eye area, the forehead, the nose, and the lips, always gliding up and outward. Check out the hundreds of useful tutorials on Youtube for more indepth use info. 

    Store in the fridge for extra soothing effects.

    Quartz Gua Sha Care: Wash the stone with warm water and dry it thoroughly. Store it in the velvet bag in a protected location.